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Gibraltar’s Financial Services Regulator Adopts First-Ever Purpose-Built Blockchain Regulations

European Union, United Kingdom - February 6 2018 All Gibraltar-based firms using distributed ledger technology on a commercial basis to store or transmit value belonging to others now have to be…

Tim Wright

Brexit Negotiations: As the First Phase Draws to a Close, the Next Phase Awaits

European Union, United Kingdom - December 14 2017 The UK and the EU have published a joint report at the conclusion of the first phase of the UK's Article 50 withdrawal negotiations. Agreement has…

Tim Wright

Registered Firms: Annual Compliance Obligations-- What you need to know

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - February 16 2017 The following are some of the important annual compliance obligations investment advisers either registered with the Securities and Exchange…

André W. Brewster, Natasha Hanson Allen, Semma G. Arzapalo, Daniel N. Budofsky, Ildiko Duckor, Corey Harris, David E. Lillevand, Kimberly V. Mann

White Paper Sets Out UK Government’s Brexit Strategy

European Union, United Kingdom - February 6 2017 The UK Government has published a White Paper setting out its Principles and Objectives for exiting the EU. The European Union Bill—authorising…

Tim Wright

White Paper Sets Out UK Government's Brexit Strategy

European Union, United Kingdom - February 6 2017 Against this backdrop, the government has published a White Paper--an official policy document--setting out the Government's principles and objectives…

Tim Wright