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The 2018 Government Shutdown - How Can Contractors Preserve Rights?

USA - January 23 2018 The past few days have been hectic. No matter your politics or your opinions on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), the Children’s Health…

John E. Jensen, Glenn Sweatt

Changes to Supply Chain Management and Commercial Item Contracting in FY 2018 NDAA

USA - November 20 2017 For Department of Defense (DoD) acquisitions, the Conference Report for Fiscal Year 2018 NDAA includes provisions that simplify and others that…

Alex D. Tomaszczuk

Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals Backlog Shrinks, But Challenges Remain

USA - October 12 2017 The ASBCA's FY2017 Annual Report reveals interesting facts and trends for contractors deciding whether to litigate at the Board or the Court. The…

Glenn Sweatt

One Potential Remedy for FCA Overreach?

USA - September 21 2017 Sixth Circuit awards attorneys' fees to False Claims Act defendant against the U.S. government in case involving underpayment of Davis-Bacon Act wages…

Alex D. Tomaszczuk, Aaron S. Dyer, James J. Gallagher

Two-Minute Warning: Preparing for a Possible Government Shutdown

USA - September 5 2017 In May, President Trump tweeted: the "country needs a good shutdown in September." That prospect is now upon us. For Government contractors, the…

Glenn Sweatt