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Noncommercial educational station airs expensive ads

USA - May 31 2012 A recent fine against a noncommercial educational station serves as a warning to noncommercial licensees to be mindful of on-air acknowledgements and advertisements.

Scott R. Flick

Station fined $8,000 for failing to maintain emergency alert system (EAS) equipment and records

USA - July 30 2012 A Florida radio station was fined $8,000 this month after the FCC determined it had failed to comply with EAS requirements.

Scott R. Flick

FCC goes after marketing and sale of illegal jamming devices

USA - October 31 2012 The FCC’s enforcement efforts this month focused heavily on the marketing and sale of illegal signal jamming devices.

Scott R. Flick

Unauthorized operation and failure to maintain main studio lead to fines

USA - May 31 2012 A $21,500 Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture was recently issued against the licensee of two radio stations in South Dakota for multiple violations of the FCC's main studio rule, failing to make the stations available for inspection, and operating one of the stations in violation of its authorization.

Scott R. Flick

Recurrent unlicensed operations lead to large forfeitures

USA - November 30 2012 Last month, we wrote about a case in which the FCC fined the renter of a property after discovering an unlicensed radio transmitter, even though the renter claimed the equipment was operated by a third party.

Scott R. Flick