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Licensee in Wyoming slammed with $68,000 in proposed fines for STL Ooerations

USA - July 30 2012 July was not a good month for the licensee of FM radio stations located in Casper, Wyoming.

Scott R. Flick

Licensee fined $25,000 for failing to pay $8,000 four years ago

USA - June 29 2012 The licensee of an AM radio station in Puerto Rico was recently fined $25,000 for a string of failures to comply with an FCC Consent Decree issued four years ago, showcasing the FCC's irritation with unpaid fines.

Scott R. Flick

Lighting outages lead to multiple forfeitures

USA - June 29 2012 The FCC recently issued two NALs to tower owners for violations related to tower obstruction lighting, as well as other violations.

Scott R. Flick

Noncommercial educational station airs expensive ads

USA - May 31 2012 A recent fine against a noncommercial educational station serves as a warning to noncommercial licensees to be mindful of on-air acknowledgements and advertisements.

Scott R. Flick

FCC ups the ante (again) for public inspection file violations

USA - May 31 2012 Recently, Pillsbury has written about a trend toward $10,000 fines for all public inspection file violations.

Scott R. Flick