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FCC proposes $35,000 in fines for unauthorized radio operations

USA - December 28 2012 The FCC assessed a combined total of $35,000 in proposed fines this month against two individuals whom agents discovered were operating unlicensed radio…

Scott R. Flick

FCC issues second fine to cable TV operator for $236,500

USA - September 28 2012 As we previously reported in October 2011, the operator of a cable television system in Florida was fined $25,000 for a variety of violations of the FCC’s Rules, including failing to install and maintain operational Emergency Alert System (“EAS”) equipment, failing to operate its system within the required cable signal leakage limits, and failing to register the cable system with the FCC.

Scott R. Flick

Turning a blind eye to illegal operations is also a violation of the FCC’s rules

USA - October 31 2012 This month, the FCC issued a Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (“NAL”) against a property renter after finding that an unlicensed transmitter was being operated on his leased property.

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FCC issues a total of $41,000 in fines for broadcaster airing prank telephone calls

USA - August 30 2012 The close of August in Washington, DC has brought with it a surge of beautiful weather, baseball excitement (for the first time in recent memory), and .. forfeiture orders related to the improper recording of telephone calls for broadcast.

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Despite attempts at compliance, FCC fines tower owners for fading paint

USA - September 28 2012 This month, the FCC turned its attention to towers with old and fading paint.

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