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Phishing for W-2s: IRS Warns of Expanding Cyber Scam

USA - February 21 2017 As tax season looms, the IRS is once again warning that fraudsters are scamming companies, schools and nonprofits into handing over their employees’…

Catherine D. Meyer

SEC Continues Crackdown on Employer Whistleblower Restrictions

USA - January 19 2017 The U.S. Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) continues to attack any employer practices which may have the effect of suppressing whistleblowers’…

Sarah A. Good, Susan P. Serota, Kenneth W. Taber, Paula M. Weber

Caution: new ruling muddles administrative exemption to California's overtime laws

USA - August 6 2012 In its recent decision in Harris v. Superior Court (Liberty Mutual) (B195121), California's Second District Court of Appeal muddied the waters that the state's Supreme Court had sought to clarify regarding the administrative exemption.

Thomas N. Makris

California employers get a break on meal and rest claims but still face class action filings

USA - April 18 2012 In a highly anticipated decision, on April 12 the California Supreme Court in Brinker Restaurant Corp. v. Superior Court held that employers are not obligated to ensure that nonexempt employees take their meal breaks.

Erin C. Carroll, Thomas N. Makris, Darcy L. Muilenburg, Paula M. Weber