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Cyberattacks Are the New Norm

USA - September 21 2017 How to respond and get insurance recovery for government investigations...

Brian E. Finch, Carolina A. Fornos

Economy Conditions Complicate Business Interruption Claims

USA - September 21 2017 Catastrophes like Hurricanes Harvey and Irma cause not only widespread physical damage but also leave tremendous and long-lasting area-wide economic…

Geoffrey J. Greeves, Matthew Jeweler, Vincent E. Morgan

Understanding Business Interruption Insurance and Wide-Impact Catastrophes

USA - September 14 2017 In the wake of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, policyholders can expect insurers to put forward strong objections to some of the most consequential claims…

Geoffrey J. Greeves, Vincent E. Morgan

Hurricanes Harvey and Irma: 8 Key Insurance Coverage Issues Impacting the Availability and Amount of Recovery

USA - September 13 2017 In the aftermath of two powerful hurricanes the process of assessing the damage and rebuilding begins. Businesses suffered billions of dollars in…

Peter M. Gillon, Geoffrey J. Greeves, Matthew Jeweler, Vincent E. Morgan

Hurricane Harvey, Irma, and Jose: Is Your Company Prepared for a Disaster?

USA - September 9 2017 An unexpected or catastrophic loss can force any company out of business, even if it is insured. You must understand your company’s risks and how your…

Geoffrey J. Greeves, Vincent E. Morgan