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The Widespread Adoption of Agile Software Development Makes This a Good Time to Update Contract Templates

USA - June 21 2018 Agile is emerging as the prevailing methodology for software development. According to the 12th Annual State of Agile Report, a survey conducted by…

D. Craig Wolff

SAP Announces New Pricing Model

United Kingdom - April 19 2018 Software giant’s new pricing model attempts to address customer concerns about liability exposure due to “indirect access.” Implications of the new…

Tim Wright

Indian Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017

India - February 22 2018 Under a newly amended law, many employers in India are required to increase paid maternity leave and offer on-site day care services; some of the new…

Craig A. deRidder

Global Innovation Centers in the Data-Driven Digital Economy

Global - February 14 2018 Data is driving growth and change in the 21st century in the way that oil did last century. As noted in The Economist: “Flows of data have created new…

Craig A. deRidder, Sandeep Gupta

Data Protection Laws in India

India - February 7 2018 In August 2017, the Supreme Court of India passed a judgment in the case of Justice K S Puttuswamy vs Union of India (Supreme Court of India, WRIT…

Craig A. deRidder, D Divyanshu, Sajai Singh