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The Trump Energy Agenda

USA - January 31 2017 What has happened since President Trump was inaugurated? In one of his first executive actions, President Trump has placed a freeze on new government…

Sheila McCafferty Harvey, Jeffrey S. Merrifield

PHH v. CFPB, Part II: CFPB's RESPA Duplicate Fail

USA - November 21 2016 Part I of this alert addressed the DC Circuit’s holding in PHH Corp. v. CFPB that the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau’s single director structure…

Andrew Caplan, Michael J. Halloran, Rodney R. Peck, Nathalie Prescott, Craig J. Saperstein, Christine A. Scheuneman, Mercedes K. Tunstall

Post-Election Outlook: A New, Unpredictable World

USA - November 10 2016 In a shock to investors and political analysts around the world, Donald J. Trump won the 2016 Presidential election, putting the Republican Party in…

Emily Barrett Erlingsson, Gregory H. Laughlin, Andrew Caplan, James V. Dick, Alvin Dunn, Brian E. Finch, Nancy Fischer, Aimee P. Ghosh, Sheila McCafferty Harvey, Aaron R. Hutman, John E. Jensen, Julia E. Judish, Christopher J. McNevin, Matthew Oresman, Glenn S. Richards, Michael R. Rizzo, Craig J. Saperstein, John Scalia, Michael L. Sibarium, Christopher R. Wall, Graham G. Wisner

PHH v. CFPB, Part I: President of Consumer Finance No More

USA - October 19 2016 In response to a challenge from mortgage servicer PHH Corp. regarding the constitutionality of the single director structure of the Consumer Financial…

Andrew Caplan, Michael J. Halloran, Craig J. Saperstein, Christine A. Scheuneman, Mercedes K. Tunstall

Following a regulatory trend, CFTC inches towards cybersecurity testing requirements

USA - November 23 2015 Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) Chairman Timothy Massad has recently stated that the CFTC may soon issue principles-based standards that…

Andrew Caplan, Brian E. Finch