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First Circuit Rejects DOJ's Expansive View of Wire Act

USA - February 1 2021 On the first day of the Biden administration, the US Court of Appeals for the First Circuit confirmed that state-run intrastate online lotteries may…

Ira Raphaelson, Kevin M. Bolan.

"Cheque, please" - Is the cost of fraudulent furlough scheme applications starting to emerge?

United Kingdom - September 7 2020 The UK furlough scheme, rolled out in haste earlier this year, has been a lifesaver for many businesses and households that have used the scheme to…

Mhairi Fraser, Anneka Randhawa.

Data Sharing Without Borders

United Kingdom, USA - June 17 2020 UK law enforcement can now obtain an order against a person in or operating in the US for the production of or access to electronic data under a new…

Delivering value and managing risks: how human rights are relevant for business

Global, United Kingdom - April 2 2019 Mounting pressure on businesses to gain clarity on their social and environmental footprint will challenge corporate operations in 2019. New risks…

Clare Connellan, Emiko Singh, Emily Holland, Jacquelyn MacLennan, John Tivey, Kirsten Odynski, Kirsti Massie, Mark Clarke, Owen C. Pell, Rebecca Campbell, Tallat Hussain.

AML Information Sharing in a Technology-Enabled and Privacy-Conscious World

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - January 31 2019 Financial firms play an integral role in preventing, identifying, investigating and reporting criminal activity, including terrorist financing, money…

Jeremy Kuester, John Timmons, John Wagner, Jonah Anderson, Kevin Petrasic, Paul Saltzman.