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European leveraged finance: Choosing the right path

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - January 31 2023 European leveraged finance markets paused for breath in 2022, due to rising interest rates, volatile geopolitics and a tightening of financial…

Yannick Adler, Monica Barton, Nicola Chapman, Jeremy Duffy, Gareth Eagles, Martin Forbes, Emma Foster, Colin Harley, Katie Hicks, Monica M. Holden, Richard Jones, Eric F. Leicht, Richard Lloyd, Shane McDonald, Evgeny Scirtò Ostrovskiy, Ian Wallace, Andrew N. Weisberg, Paul Yin

The Basics of P2P Acquisition Financing

European Union, United Kingdom - December 1 2022 A public-to-private transaction ("P2P") is one in which a publicly listed company is acquired and taken into private ownership. Because they involve…

Jill Christie (née Concannon), Shane McDonald, Anna Soroka, Conor Youngs

MD&A disclosure in volatile times

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - October 31 2022 Current macroeconomic and geopolitical uncertainty may make it difficult for companies to know how to tackle their Management’s Discussion and…

Jill Christie (née Concannon), Doron Loewinger, Oriyan Prizant, Anna Soroka

Legitimate coercion or unlawful abuse? Assénagon and the power to bind the minority in liability management exercises revisited

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - October 27 2022 Since the decision in Assénagon in 2012, there has been some doubt as to how much coercion can be applied in a consent solicitation that…

Charles Balmain, Melissa Butler, James Clarke, Cecily Higham, Stuart Matty

Liability management opportunities for mining & metals companies during a downturn

Global, USA - September 22 2022 Mining & Metals companies can take advantage of low prices in the leveraged finance markets to manage their liabilities amid the expected recession…

Karen Katri, Jonathan Michels, Abigail Simon, Andrew N. Weisberg