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From trash to treasure: Green metals from recycling

European Union, Global, USA - May 5 2022 The global drive towards a low-carbon circular economy and increased focus on ESG are creating many new opportunities for metal recycling projects…

Rebecca Campbell, Clare Connellan, James Foo, Paddy Mohen

China amends Regulations on Supervision and Management of Medical Devices; prior marketing approval requirement to import medical devices remains unchanged

China - May 2 2014 On March 31, 2014, China Premier Mr.Li Kequiang signed Decree No. 650 on the amended Regulations on Supervision and Management of Medical Devices…

James Killick, Samuel David Scoles

Evolving trade and competition regulation in the push for green metals

European Union, USA - September 15 2021 Governments around the world are prioritizing the decarbonization of the Metals sector, and in particular steel and aluminum production, in their…

James Killick, Brian Picone

US-Mexico-Canada Agreement Faces Difficult Path to Congressional Approval

Canada, Mexico, USA - April 30 2019 In recent weeks, the Trump administration and members of the US business community have continued to engage with the US Congress to advocate…

Scott S. Lincicome, Brian Picone

EU outlines preliminary goals in connection to first TTIP round

European Union, USA - July 17 2013 Last week, the EU and US met for the first round of negotiations of a Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) Agreement. In statements…

Charlotte Van Haute, James Killick, Sara Nordin, Gregory Spak, Fabienne Vermeeren