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The nexus between DX and GX: How tech can accelerate the green energy transition

Global, Japan - May 24 2022 This article highlights the key points discussed at the first session of the DX and GX series: How technology can accelerate the green energy…

Joey Chan, Paul Harrison, Arthur M. Mitchell

Regulation of Artificial Intelligence in Europe and Japan

European Union, Japan - August 24 2020 Enterprises around the world are rapidly incorporating artificial intelligence (AI) into existing and new products and processes. This effort is not…

Toshio Dokei, Tim Hickman, Arthur M. Mitchell

A new era for US patents

USA - July 24 2019 The specific policy proposals flowing from the President's initiative are overhauling existing alliances and institutions in ways that call into…

Shamita D. Etienne-Cummings, David M. Tennant, Anita Varma

USPTO Changes PTAB Claim Construction Standard from Broadest Reasonable Interpretation to the Standard Used by Courts

USA - October 11 2018 On October 11, 2018, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published a final rule changing the standard by which claims of unexpired…

David M. Tennant

Law & Technology: Risks and Opportunities from the Tectonic Forces at Work

USA - June 18 2018 Rapid developments in information technology are changing how people work, consume, play and interact. Government policy will influence the direction…

Shino Asayama, Steven R. Chabinsky, Detlev Gabel, Nels Hansen, Arthur M. Mitchell, Benjamin Saul, Jun Usami