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How changing attitudes toward data sharing could accelerate smart city adoption

United Kingdom, USA - July 15 2021 There are some signs that the COVID-19 pandemic has prompted people to rethink their attitudes toward sharing personal data when it is used to manage…

Earl Comstock, Tim Hickman, Adam Pierson

Accelerating change: From smart city to smart society

Global - May 21 2020 The current COVID-19 pandemic presents a whiteboard moment to accelerate the adoption of the best technology and infrastructure for modern cities…

Oliver Brettle, Nicholas Greenacre, Tim Hickman, Andres Liivak, Adam Pierson

Technological change continues to drive automotive M&A

USA - December 13 2019 The secular move towards tech-enabled vehicles combined with the rising tide of environmental legislation is forcing mergers, acquisitions, joint…

Carola Glasauer, Arlene Arin Hahn, Dr. Tobias Heinrich, Howard Wettan

hiQ's preliminary injunction affirmed. A green light for data scraping or not?

USA - September 20 2019 As we have previously discussed, claims under the Computer Fraud and Abuses Act (CFAA) are commonly asserted as a means of protecting online data…

Erin Hanson, Hyosang (Mark) Kim

Connected devices: Challenges for both technology providers and consumers

USA - May 27 2019 Privacy and the development of technology are competing interests that are sometimes in conflict. These considerations often present a challenging…

Jason Bang, Serena Hsieh