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Dispute Resolution Post-Brexit Transition Period

European Union, United Kingdom - January 6 2021 For the duration of the Brexit transition period, the UK/EU Withdrawal Agreement provided for EU law to continue to apply to the UK. The transition…

Edward Attenborough, Swati Tripathi

The Internal Market Bill, the EU Withdrawal Agreement and the risk of no deal on the EU-UK future relationship

European Union, United Kingdom - September 17 2020 The Government's proposed Internal Market Bill has prompted much debate regarding the UK's approach to international law, as well as the internal…

Eileen Crowley, Cenzi Gargaro, Jacquelyn MacLennan, Iain MacVay

English Court of Appeal slashes UK's first cartel follow-on antitrust damages award and emphasises claimants' burden to prove losses

United Kingdom - November 6 2019 In BritNed v ABB1, the English Court of Appeal substantially reduced the UK's first award of damages in a so-called cartel damages claim brought for…

J. Mark Gidley, Raif Hassan, Marc Israel, Aqeel Kadri, Mark Powell

Sanctioned default? The English High Court considers the effect of foreign illegality on English obligations

United Kingdom - October 7 2019 As sanctions ramp up globally, it is increasingly important for commercial parties engaged in cross border transactions to have certainty (i) as…

Raif Hassan

Financial Regulatory Observer March 2019

European Union, Germany, United Kingdom - March 20 2019 The Financial Regulatory Observer regularly sets spotlights on selected topics driving the regulatory and technological changes in the financial…

Dr. Dennis Heuer, Alexander Abedine, Paul Alexander, Henning Berger, Glen R. Cuccinello, Julia Smithers Excell, Cenzi Gargaro, Will Giles, Laura Kitchen, Angelo Messore, Kevin Petrasic, Richard Pogrel, Paul Saltzman, Stuart Willey