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No Bluff: British Columbia Government Introduces Card-Check Certification, Stacking the Deck in Favour of Unions

Canada - April 8 2022 The Government of British Columbia has proposed amendments to the Labour Relations Code that will, among other changes, eliminate a secret ballot…

Kristopher Noonan, David Price

Alberta Labour Relations Board Ices Union Complaint Against Vaccination Policy

Canada - March 9 2022 In Amalgamated Transit Union, Local No. 583 v Calgary (City), the Alberta Labour Relations Board (the “Board”) dismissed an unfair labour practice…

Kristopher Noonan, David Price

The Only Constant is Change: Legislative Changes for British Columbia and Federal Employers Around the Corner

Canada - December 6 2021 It is shaping up to be a busy year-end for British Columbia employers, with significant changes having been implemented by the provincial government…

David Price

Alberta Court of Appeal Confirms Test for Family Status Discrimination

Canada - July 12 2021 The recent decision of United Nurses of Alberta v Alberta Health Services, 2021 ABCA 194 ("UNA"),affirmed that the Moore test for prima facie…

Alain Saint-Onge

Canadian Modern Slavery Bill Would Cast a Wide Net on Supply Chain Transparency Practices

Canada - June 9 2021 On March 31, 2021, Bill S-216, An Act to enact the Modern Slavery Act and amend the Customs Tariff (the “Bill”), passed its Second Reading in the…

David Price, Spencer Withers