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Investment in Possible Future Generic Marketing Excludes Legitimate Basis for Pharma Settlement, Suggests EU Advocate General

European Union - June 9 2020 In her opinion issued on June 4, 2020, Advocate General (AG) Juliane Kokott recommended that the European Court of Justice (ECJ) dismiss in its…

Bill Batchelor, Frederic Depoortere, Michael J. Frese, Giorgio Motta, Ingrid Vandenborre

Competition Policy for the Digital Era: Advisers to the European Commission Recommend Vigorous Enforcement and Adjustments to Established Concepts

United Kingdom - April 9 2019 On April 4, 2019, the European Commission published a report1 prepared by three special advisers (the Advisers) appointed by EU Competition…

Bill Batchelor, Frederic Depoortere, Stephane Dionnet, Giorgio Motta, Ingrid Vandenborre

UK Financial Conduct Authority’s First Antitrust Penalty: Sharing Pricing Intentions on IPOs or Share Placements With Rival Asset Managers Is Illegal

United Kingdom - March 11 2019 The U.K. Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has issued its first antitrust decision since obtaining competition law powers four years ago. The decision…

Bill Batchelor, Frederic Depoortere, Giorgio Motta, Ingrid Vandenborre

EU Fines Google €4.34 billion for Alleged Abuse of Dominant Position of Android Mobile System and Apps

European Union - July 30 2018 On July 18, 2018, the European Commission (Commission) imposed a fine on Google LLC for the alleged abuse of a dominant market position pertaining to…

Frederic Depoortere, Michael J. Frese, Giorgio Motta, Ingrid Vandenborre

Novel Theories Emerge in Merger Enforcement

USA - January 23 2018 Antitrust merger enforcement historically has focused on horizontal mergers — consolidation of two firms that compete directly in the same space. This…

Justine M. Haimi, Maria Raptis, Ingrid Vandenborre