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Regulatory Actions and Legislative Proposals Signal Growing Consensus on Parameters for Stablecoins

USA - June 29 2022 Recent guidance from the New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) and a proposed bill in the U.S. Senate portend more regulatory and…

Alexander C. Drylewski, Eytan J. Fisch, Stuart D. Levi, Khalil N. Maalouf, Daniel Michael, Bao Nguyen, Joseph M. Sandman

Senate Bill Would Create Comprehensive Regulatory Structure for Cryptocurrencies and Other Digital Assets

USA - June 9 2022 In recent years, innovation in the blockchain or “Web3” space has been impacted by uncertainty on the regulatory front. Undoubtedly, the greatest area…

Andrew R. Beatty, Alexander C. Drylewski, Stuart D. Levi, Daniel Michael, Bao Nguyen

Tax Law Struggles To Keep Pace With the Proliferation of Cryptocurrency

OECD, United Kingdom, USA - January 19 2022 As of December 2021, more than 15,500 cryptocurrencies and 445 digital asset exchanges existed (according to CoinMarketCap), and the global market…

James Anderson, David Berke, Christopher P. Bowers

Proliferation of NFT Transactions Raises Numerous US Tax Questions

USA - May 17 2021 With the market for nonfungible tokens (NFTs) exploding, NFTs attached to art, music, video clips, tweets and other digital collectibles have sold for…

David Berke, Carl R. Erdmann, Martin de Jong

The Distributed Ledger: Blockchain, Digital Assets and Smart Contracts

European Union, OECD, USA - October 30 2020 Recent and significant regulatory and legislative events in the digital asset space demonstrate the evolving and expanding approach by U.S. and…

Gary DiBianco, Alexander C. Drylewski, Eytan J. Fisch, Jeongu Gim, Stuart D. Levi, Jessie K. Liu, Jonathan Marcus, Peter B. Morrison, Daniel B. O'Connell, Simon Toms