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ESG in Focus: An Overview of Recent Litigation and Regulatory Developments

USA - June 23 2022 As public scrutiny and interest in corporate commitments aimed at environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria continue to increase, mechanisms…

Anita B. Bandy, Shirley Diaz, Jessie K. Liu, Hope B. O'Leary, Susan L. Saltzstein, Tansy Woan

The Pandemic Brought Some Welcome Innovations to the Justice Process, but Also Many New Challenges

USA - January 19 2022 The COVID-19 pandemic is hardly the first emergency to test the resilience of the judiciary. Following the September 11 terrorist attacks, federal…

Abigail Davis (Sheehan), Boris Bershteyn, Allison M. Brown, Mollie Kornreich, Sophie M. Mancall-Bitel

Food and Beverage Labeling Litigation: Recent Trends

USA - June 28 2021 The food and beverage industries introduced numerous technologies and products over the past year and a half that have raised new questions about…

Michael M. Powell

How Social Media, Technology and Privacy Laws Are Changing the E-Discovery Landscape

European Union, USA - April 23 2019 Historically focused on manually wading through large volumes of email and electronic documents, e-discovery is transforming in nuanced ways…

Richard T. Bernardo, Giyoung Song, Eve-Christie Vermynck, Gretchen M. Wolf

The Class Action Chronicle

USA - December 21 2017 In this issue, we cover two decisions granting motions to strike/dismiss class claims, three decisions denying such motions, 26 decisions denying…

Brian Baggetta, John H. Beisner, Anthony J. Dreyer, Karen M. Lent, Heather A. Lohman, Jessica D. Miller, Nina R. Rose, Jason D. Russell, Geoffrey M. Wyatt