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2023 Annual Meeting Filing and Disclosure Requirements

USA - March 17 2023 When finalizing proxy materials for annual shareholder meetings, companies should consider the following areas, which are described in more detail…

Ryan J. Adams, Andrew J. Brady, Brian V. Breheny, Leo W. Chomiak, Raquel Fox, Marc S. Gerber, Jeongu Gim, Nicholas D. Lamparski

SEC adopts T+1 settlement cycle for most securities transactions but permits T+2 for firm commitment offerings

USA - February 20 2023 On February 15, 2023, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) adopted final rule amendments that will shorten the standard settlement cycle for…

Filipe B. Areno, Laura A. Kaufmann Belkhayat, J. Mathias von Bernuth, Andrew J. Brady, Brian V. Breheny, Adrian J. S. Deitz, Shu Du, Rajeev P. Duggal, Ryan J. Dzierniejko, Gregory A. Fernicola, Raquel Fox, Michelle Gasaway, David J. Goldschmidt, Michael J. Hong, Stephan Hutter, Thomas J. Ivey, Haiping Li, James A. McDonald, Gregg A. Noel, Michael J. Schwartz, Jonathan B. Stone, Kenji Taneda, Danny Tricot, Pranav L. Trivedi, Joseph (Yossi) Vebman, Yuting Wu, Dwight S. Yoo, Michael J. Zeidel

ESG in 2022 and Predictions for 2023

European Union, Global, United Kingdom, USA - February 1 2023 Following another year of increasing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations by companies, investors and regulators alike…

Louise Batty, Kate Crompton, Chiara Fiori, Raquel Fox, Kathryn Gamble, Marc S. Gerber, Adam M. Howard, Anxin Hua, Sym Hunt, Aurora Luoma, Mustafa Mirza, Olivia Moul, Gregory P. Norman, Abigail B. Reeves, Alex Rigby, Simon Toms, Patrick Tsitsaros, Eleanor F. Williams

What the SEC’s new insider trading rules mean for directors

USA - January 26 2023 New SEC rules on Rule 10b5-1 preset trading plans for insiders add lengthy “cooling-off periods” for directors and officers between the time…

Katherine D. Ashley, Anita B. Bandy, Raquel Fox, Marc S. Gerber, Shalom D. Huber

Guide to maintaining confidentiality of commercially sensitive information in agreements filed with SEC

USA - January 12 2023 U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules require reporting companies to file material agreements as exhibits to periodic reports…

Ryan J. Adams, Andrew J. Brady, Brian V. Breheny, Leo W. Chomiak, Raquel Fox, Jeongu Gim, Blake M. Grady, Khadija Lalani, Nicholas D. Lamparski