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The evolving climates in the US and UK for environmental damage claims

United Kingdom, USA - December 13 2022 The November 2022 United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP27) spotlighted the political and diplomatic challenges of compensating…

Boris Bershteyn, Sym Hunt, Andrew M. Parks, Cormac Ruiz

UK Class Actions: FX Decision Shows That the CAT Is Willing To Strike Out Poorly Pleaded Claims and Deny Opt-Out Certification

United Kingdom - May 4 2022 Any appeal by class claimants will be closely watched. Following the Supreme Court’s Merricks judgment, class claims are generally permitted where…

Bill Batchelor, Sym Hunt, Mustafa Mirza

What Is the Future for Opt-Out Class Actions in the UK After Lloyd v Google?

United Kingdom - January 19 2022 The class action landscape in the U.K. Is quickly evolving, with the availability of “opt-out” class actions taking center stage. Lloyd v Google, the…

Angus Goalen, Sym Hunt, Eve-Christie Vermynck

UK Class Actions Update: Merricks Secures Uncontested CPO, But the Competition Appeal Tribunal Shows It Retains Significant Teeth to Narrow Claims

United Kingdom - September 14 2021 After protracted challenges to class certification status, in Merricks v Mastercard1 the U.K. Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) granted its first…

Bill Batchelor, Sym Hunt

Merricks v Mastercard - UK Supreme Court Clarifies Low Bar for Class Action Certification

United Kingdom - January 7 2021 On 11 December 2020, the U.K. Supreme Court (the Court) handed down its much-awaited ruling in Merricks v Mastercard,1 dismissing Mastercard’s appeal…

Bill Batchelor, Jonathon J. Egerton-Peters, Sym Hunt, Aurora Luoma