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Coronavirus/COVID-19: Implications for Commercial and Financial Contracts

Global - February 26 2020 The outbreak of coronavirus (also known as COVID-19) is reportedly impacting global manufacturing, transportation and cross-border supply chains…

James Anderson, David P. Armstrong, Valentin Autret, Julie Bédard, Laura A. Kaufmann Belkhayat, Michael A. Civale, Julia A. Czarniak, Rajeev P. Duggal, Jose A. Esteves, Z. Julie Gao, David J. Goldschmidt, Shilpi Gupta, Peter X. Huang, Mitsuhiro Kamiya, Jay B. Kasner, David Kavanagh, Paul S. Kraske, Lea Haber Kuck, Steve Kwok, Alejandro Gonzalez Lazzeri, Gregory A. Litt, Rory A. McAlpine, Tatiana Monastyrskaya, Aryan Moniri, Scott D. Musoff, Timothy G. Nelson, Paul T. Schnell, Anke C. Sessler, Jonathan B. Stone

10 Themes for 2018

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - January 23 2018 Tax reform, shifting international dynamics, Trump administration goals and a potentially strong market for transactions all seem likely to impact…

Stephen F. Arcano, Christopher W. Betts, William J. Sweet, Jr., Stacy J. Kanter, Thomas H. Kennedy, Edward B. Micheletti, Scott V. Simpson, Sally A. Thurston, Michael J. Zeidel

2019-20 Supreme Court Update

USA - January 17 2020 The U.S. Supreme Court’s 2019-20 term is receiving substantial attention for cases involving signature initiatives of President Donald Trump’s…

Leke Badivuku, Leonardo Villalobos

2017-18 Supreme Court Update

USA - January 23 2018 In the 2017-18 term, the U.S. Supreme Court will decide a number of potentially significant disputes relevant to businesses, including those involving…

Micah F. Fergenson, Spencer Gottlieb

Compliance in a Time of Crisis

USA - April 30 2020 Addressing the Evolving Risks Warren Buffett said that “only when the tide goes out do you discover who’s been swimming naked.” Buffett was not…

Bill Batchelor, Jamie L. Boucher, Gary DiBianco, Eytan J. Fisch, Andrew M. Good, Ryan D. Junck, Bradley A. Klein, Steve Kwok, Khalil N. Maalouf, Colleen P. Mahoney, Bernd R. Mayer, David Meister, Rebecca M. Murday, William Ridgway, Elizabeth Robertson