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Recent Trends in Officer Liability

USA - December 18 2020 More than a decade ago in the seminal case Gantler v. Stephens,1 the Delaware Supreme Court clarified that officers of Delaware corporations owe the…

Bonnie W. David, Edward B. Micheletti

Delaware Appraisal Actions: When Does It Make Sense to Prepay?

USA - May 29 2018 In response to the growing practice of “appraisal arbitrage,” in 2016 Delaware’s General Assembly amended the state’s appraisal statute, Section 262…

In Appraisal Cases, Court of Chancery Increases Deal Price-based Valuation if Evidence Shows Pre-Closing Change

USA - May 24 2022 For the purposes of a statutory appraisal under Delaware law, a corporation’s fair value is determined “on the date of the merger” ― in other words…

Jenness E. Parker