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In Appraisal Cases, Court of Chancery Increases Deal Price-based Valuation if Evidence Shows Pre-Closing Change

USA - May 24 2022 For the purposes of a statutory appraisal under Delaware law, a corporation’s fair value is determined “on the date of the merger” ― in other words…

Jenness E. Parker

Recent Trends in Officer Liability

USA - December 18 2020 More than a decade ago in the seminal case Gantler v. Stephens,1 the Delaware Supreme Court clarified that officers of Delaware corporations owe the…

Bonnie W. David, Edward B. Micheletti

Delaware Appraisal Actions: When Does It Make Sense to Prepay?

USA - May 29 2018 In response to the growing practice of “appraisal arbitrage,” in 2016 Delaware’s General Assembly amended the state’s appraisal statute, Section 262…