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Intellectual property litigation: Federal Circuit year in review

USA - January 29 2021 Patent Owner Godo Kaisha IP Bridge 1 ("IP Bridge") sued TCL Communication Technology Holdings Limited and related entities ("TCL"), alleging…

Patrick Colsher, David Cooperberg, Ahmed ElDessouki, Mark Hannemann, L. Kieran Kieckhefer, Eric Lucas, Thomas R. Makin, Christina Urhausen, Joy Wang

Update on key patent court scheduling adjustments in view of Covid-19

USA - March 19 2020 COVID-19 has taken an unprecedented toll on the United States and the world at large. It has impacted nearly every facet of both professional and…

Patrick Colsher, Mark Hannemann, L. Kieran Kieckhefer, Thomas R. Makin

Intellectual Property Newsletter - January 2018

USA - January 11 2018 Inter partes review has, in a very short time, become a core part of patent litigation practice in the United States. In many cases it has replaced…

Patrick Colsher, Mark Hannemann, Eric Lucas, Thomas R. Makin, Sonal Patel, Joseph Purcell

Intellectual Property Newsletter - June 2017

USA - June 22 2017 The patent venue statute, 28 U.S.C. § 1400(b), provides that patent infringement actions "may be brought in the judicial district where the…

Patrick Colsher, Mark Hannemann, Eric Lucas, Thomas R. Makin, Joseph Purcell

Matal v. Tam: Trademark Disparagement Clause Held Unconstitutional

USA - June 20 2017 Yesterday, the Supreme Court held in an 8-0 decision that the disparagement clause in the Trademark statute—which prohibits the registration of…

Alan S. Goudiss, Mark Hannemann, Christopher L. LaVigne, Eric Lucas, Thomas R. Makin