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Second Circuit Accepts Controversial “Inflation-Maintenance” Theory of Securities Fraud Liability

USA - October 5 2016 In so-called “price maintenance” securities fraud cases, plaintiffs argue that a misrepresentation that does not cause a stock’s price to rise can…

Agnès Dunogué, Brian G. Burke, H. Miriam Farber, Matthew L. Craner, Stuart J. Baskin.

“Veep”: The Evolving Law of Advancement and Indemnification

USA - July 29 2016 Companies confer title of "Vice President" on a wide range of employees, from senior executives, in some cases, to line-level personnel, in others…

George A. Casey, John J. Cannon III, Michael S. Dorf, Paula Howell Anderson, Stuart J. Baskin.

Two Recent Second Circuit Decisions Provide Opportunity for Supreme Court to Address Whether American Pipe Tolling Extends to Statutes of Repose

USA - July 19 2016 The tolling rule established by the Supreme Court in American Pipe & Construction Co. v. Utah generally provides that the commencement of a class…

Agnès Dunogué, Brian G. Burke, H. Miriam Farber, Matthew L. Craner, Stuart J. Baskin.

Brexit: Implications for the Insurance and Reinsurance Industry

European Union, United Kingdom - July 18 2016 Following the so-called “Brexit” referendum held on 23 June 2016, the UK has narrowly voted to leave the European Union. This note briefly discusses…

Andreas Löhdefink, Barnabas (Barney) Reynolds, Brian H. Polovoy, Thomas Donegan, William J.F. Roll III.

Second Circuit Holds a National Bank’s Citizenship Is Determined Exclusively by Location of Main Office, Not Principal Place of Business

USA - July 8 2016 For purposes of assessing the existence of federal subject matter jurisdiction based on diversity of citizenship, national banking associations—i.e…

Agnès Dunogué, Brian G. Burke, Matthew L. Craner, Stuart J. Baskin, Timothy J. Byrne.