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Reflecting on Recent Sedona Conference Guidance on Managing the Costs and Burdens of Non-Party Subpoenas

USA - February 24 2021 The proliferation of data and the rise of affordable cloud computing services has led many companies and organizations to outsource their data storage…

Samantha V. Ettari, Kerri Ann Law, Daniel Lennard, Martin M. McSherry

FTC Takes Action Against Marketer Over False Next Day Shipping Claims for PPE

USA - July 8 2020 The FTC charged online retailer, Inc. and its owner, Kevin J. Lipsitz, for falsely promising consumers next-day shipping on…

Eileen M. Patt, Dayna M. Chikamoto

Supreme Court Clarifies that Willfulness is Not Required for Award of Profits Under the Lanham Act

USA - April 23 2020 Today, a unanimous Supreme Court ruled that plaintiffs asserting Lanham Act claims can recover an infringer’s or false advertiser’s profits without…

Patrick J. Campbell

FTC, FDA Issue Warning Letters to Companies Selling Fraudulent COVID-19 Treatment Products

USA - April 14 2020 The FDA and FTC issued joint warning letters to companies selling products purporting to prevent or treat COVID-19. The agencies claim that the…

Eileen M. Patt, Dayna M. Chikamoto

Advertising Litigation Report: Vol. 2, No. 2 - Consumer Privacy and Data Security

USA - April 20 2017 A U.S. district court judge in Florida trimmed a proposed class action against fast-food chain Wendy's for its alleged failure to properly protect…

Eileen M. Patt, Benjamin M. Arrow, Kurt M. Denk, Samantha V. Ettari