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New PCT International Application Filing Fees announced by the Thai Department of Intellectual Property

Thailand - September 2 2022 To conform with the fees set by the International Searching Authorities (“ISA”) and current exchange rate, the Thai Department of Intellectual…

Narongcachon Chomsa, Seehajetdha Prasopsukcharoen

New Patent e-Filing System in Thailand

Thailand - August 3 2022 In Thai Intellectual Property law, patents are classified as the highest proprietary right that give the owner the legal right to prevent others from…

Narongcachon Chomsa, Seehajetdha Prasopsukcharoen

E-certificate for Patent and Design is now available under Thai IP Law

Thailand - June 30 2022 The Thai Patent Office of the Department of Intellectual Property of Thailand (“DIP”) has implemented a QR Code and Reference Number for all patent…

Narongcachon Chomsa, Seehajetdha Prasopsukcharoen

DIP Announces Target Patent Fast-Track System

Thailand - June 1 2022 Due to the recent public health crisis from the COVID-19 epidemic and to speed up the commercial availability of innovative solutions, the Department…

Narongcachon Chomsa, Seehajetdha Prasopsukcharoen

First Batch of Sub-Regulations under the Personal Data Protection Act of Thailand published for Public Hearing

Thailand - May 10 2022 On 10 May 2022, the Personal Data Protection Committee ("PDPC") published their first batch of sub-regulations to be issued under the Personal Data…

Paramee Kerativitayanan