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Cryptocurrency in 401(K) plans? Might be more like “Crypto-nite,” says the DOL in its latest release

USA - March 14 2022 Kryptonite is a fictional substance that causes the mighty Superman to lose all his strength. According to a recent release from the U.S. Department…

Andrea E. Ewalefo

COBRA election and payment periods: Does one year of “tolling” really mean one year?

USA - October 8 2021 Remember the DOL/Treasury relief that tolled the COBRA election and payment deadlines for up to one year due to the COVID-19 pandemic (referred to…

Roberta K Chevlowe

An Additional Word from IRS Regarding the ARP COBRA Subsidy

USA - July 27 2021 The IRS just released some new supplemental guidance on the COBRA premium subsidy in the American Rescue Plan Act (“ARP”). IRS Notice 2021-46…

Roberta K Chevlowe

A Practical Guide to Claiming the COBRA Premium Assistance Tax Credit

USA - July 26 2021 Over the last few months, employers and plan administrators have concentrated on identifying qualifying individuals eligible for COBRA premium…

Jennifer Rigterink, Tanusha Yarlagadda

A Word from the IRS on Involuntary Terminations of Employment for Purposes of the ARP COBRA Premium Subsidy

USA - June 9 2021 One important question that arises when determining whether an individual is eligible for the COBRA premium subsidy under the American Rescue Plan…

Roberta K Chevlowe, Katrina E McCann, Joshua E. Stephens