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[Podcast]: Can-My-Employees Participate in Political Activities?

USA - February 25 2019 In this Episode of the “Can My Employees Do That?” series, partner Elise Bloom and associate Michelle Gyves discuss whether employers can lawfully…

Elise M Bloom

New York’s Push to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace has Global Implications

USA - December 14 2018 As we have previously reported, New York has significantly heightened employers’ responsibilities with regard to the implementation of anti-sexual…

Vanessa P. Avello

European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) To-Do List

European Union - February 19 2018 Prepare a data map, which is a report on what personal data the company processes throughout its organization, where that data flows throughout the…

Courtney M. Bowman, Kristen J. Mathews, Kelly McMullon, Mathilde Pepin

GDPR Practical Preparation Checklist

United Kingdom - January 22 2018 Recruit a cross-departmental team representing your privacy, legal, IT, human resources, and other departments to prepare for the transition. Each…

Courtney M. Bowman, Cécile Martin, Kristen J. Mathews, Kelly McMullon

GDPR Action Plan: What You Need to Know with Four Months to Go

European Union, United Kingdom - January 22 2018 Our business is worried about data breaches and notification obligations. Can you shed any light on the requirements? Personal data breach is defined…

Courtney M. Bowman, Cécile Martin, Kristen J. Mathews, Kelly McMullon