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Secondary Nature

European Union - December 19 2022 Private markets secondary deals have been booming over recent years, with 2021 volumes reaching a record $132 billion, according to Jefferies figures…

Bruno Bertrand-Delfau

Question of the Week: How are current levels of dry powder impacting GPs and LPs in the secondary market?

USA - October 7 2022 "Dedicated available capital is estimated at $227 billion (as of June 30, 2022). We expect secondary investors to closely monitor valuations and…

Warren Allan, Bruno Bertrand-Delfau, Christina Robinson

SEC Revises Marketing Rule for Registered Investment Advisers

USA - February 9 2021 On December 22, 2020, the Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”) adopted amendments to existing Rule 206(4)-1 (the “Advertising Rule”) and…

Anthony M Drenzek, Robert E Plaze, Christopher M Wells

BE-180 Deadline Approaching for Certain Fund Managers

USA - September 24 2020 The BE-180 report issued by the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis (the “BEA”) is a five-year Benchmark Survey that…

Howard J Beber, Anthony M Drenzek, Robert G Leonard, Michael F Mavrides, Weixiao Sun, Christopher M Wells

“Side Car” Funds - Solutions for Sourcing Capital

USA - July 1 2020 Given the current market volatility resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic, many fund sponsors are seeking additional sources of capital to protect…

Emily O'Brien