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SEC issues new guidance regarding Russia sanctions and public company disclosures

Russia, Ukraine, USA - May 17 2022 In response to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine in February, the U.S. government announced sweeping sanctions against…

Julia D. Alonzo, Michael Guggeinheim, Seetha Ramachandran, Frank Zarb

In A Trinity of Releases, the SEC Proposes To Make Hedging Transactions More Transparent

USA - April 15 2022 In a trinity of proposing releases rolled out in less than three months, the SEC has comprehensively proposed to regulate the use of derivatives and…

Robert G Leonard, Michael F Mavrides, Elanit Snow, Robert H. Sutton, Christopher M Wells, Frank Zarb

SEC Proposes Extensive New Rules Applicable to SPACs and de-SPAC Transactions

USA - April 13 2022 On March 30, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (the “SEC”) proposed a set of rules and amendments governing special purpose acquisition…

Steven R. Burwell, Peter Castellon, Michael J. Choate, Steven L Lichtenfeld, Ben D. Orlanski, Simon J. Wood, Frank Zarb

SEC proposes monthly short sale reporting requirements: aggregated information to be public; new order marking requirements detailed

USA - March 23 2022 The SEC recently proposed to require investment managers to report short sale information on a monthly basis if such activity exceeds certain…

Robert G Leonard, Michael F Mavrides, Christopher M Wells, Frank Zarb

Poison Pills In the Wake of COVID-19: A Refresher on Terms and Variations of Shareholder Rights Plans

USA - August 31 2020 Shareholder rights plans, commonly known as “poison pills,” are arrangements that can be used by companies to stave off hostile takeovers or activist…

Michael E. Ellis, David Heck, Samuel J. Waldon