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New Jersey’s high court ruling reaffirms employer’s right to monitor and restrict computer use - provides guidance for effective internet usage policies

USA - April 5 2010 On March 30, 2010, the New Jersey Supreme Court issued a much-anticipated ruling concerning the extent to which employers can monitor and restrict their employees' personal use of company computers.

Robert Barry, Elise M Bloom, Marvin M Goldstein, Gregory I Rasin, Mark A Saloman

New Jersey's "more properly balanced" social media law signed by Governor Christie

USA - August 30 2013 On March 21, 2013, New Jersey's state legislature passed A2878 to prohibit employers from requiring or requesting that prospective and current…

Robert Barry, Joseph C O'Keefe, Daniel L. Saperstein, Kelly Anne Targett

New Jersey Supreme Court leaves employers with little protection against employees who steal confidential company documents to support discrimination claims

USA - December 3 2010 The Supreme Court of New Jersey issued a 5-2 decision yesterday that may very well insulate employees from discipline for wrongfully taking confidential company documents to support discrimination claims against their current employers.

John P Barry, Marvin M Goldstein, Keri L Reid, Mark A Saloman

New Jersey raises minimum wage by constitutional amendment

USA - November 8 2013 On November 5, 2013, New Jersey voters overwhelmingly approved (by a 61% to 39% margin) a constitutional amendment to raise the state minimum wage to…

John P Barry, Carolyn M Dellatore, Wanda L Ellert, Joseph C O'Keefe, Daniel L. Saperstein

Trends in New Jersey employment law

USA - October 16 2014 Four New Jersey municipalities—Passaic, Paterson, Irvington, and East Orange—recently enacted ordinances requiring employers to provide paid sick…

John P Barry, Wanda L Ellert, Allison Lynn Martin, Joseph C O'Keefe, Daniel L. Saperstein