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Arbitrator Should Decide Whether NY Or CA Law Should Apply

USA - November 23 2022 A California court has ruled that an arbitrator (not a judge) should decide on the applicability of California Labor Code Section 925 to a dispute…

Colleen Hart, Katrine Magas, Ryan McGill, Tony Oncidi

Ninth Circuit Clarifies Overtime Calculation Rules for Shift Premiums and Holiday Pay Under California Law

USA - November 16 2022 To properly calculate the overtime rate for a non-exempt employee, employers must first calculate the “regular rate of pay.” Under federal law, and…

Allan Bloom, David Gobel, Philippe A. Lebel

Five New Employment Laws that Every California Employer Should Know

USA - October 13 2022 A New Year brings new employment laws for California employers. California employers will want to begin revising employee policies and handbooks now…

Wesley C. Shelton

In This Tight Labor Market, Interest in Funeral Services Work is Growing

USA - September 16 2022 As in other sectors of the economy, there is a labor shortage in the funeral industry. However, unlike other fields in which the demand for workers…

Michelle Lappen

Hollywood Updates Its COVID-19 Protocols As Los Angeles Covid Rates Surge

USA - July 25 2022 Amid a recent surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalization rates in Los Angeles, the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (“AMPTP”)…

Sehreen Ladak