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New proposed rules on New York City law to regulate use of automated hiring tools

USA - October 5 2022 On Friday, September 23rd, the New York City Department of Consumer and Worker Protection issued a Notice of Public Hearing and Opportunity to…

Shanice Z. Smith-Banks

FTC enforcement action limits noncompetition agreements in “sale of business” transactions

USA - July 6 2022 On July 9, 2021, President Biden issued an Executive Order, in which he described the nation’s antitrust laws as the “first line of defense against…

Daryl Leon, Steven J. Pearlman, Scott Tan

In Colorado, “low wage” now means six-figures for non-competes

USA - June 10 2022 On June 8, 2022, Colorado Governor Jared Polis signed Colorado House Bill 22-1317 (the “Bill”), which was passed by the Colorado Legislature on May…

E. Sydney Cone, Daryl Leon, Steven J. Pearlman

EEOC and the DOJ Issue Guidance for employers using AI tools to assess job applicants and employees

USA - May 17 2022 Employers are more frequently relying on the use of Artificial Intelligence (“AI”) tools to automate employment decision-making, such as software…

Edward C Young

New York City enacts law to regulate use of automated hiring tools

USA - December 20 2021 Over the past decade many employers have adopted Artificial Intelligence driven tools to automate various aspects of the workplace, including the…

Arielle E. Kobetz, Theresa Madonna