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Out of Align-ment: Sixth Circuit affirms class certification in probiotics case

USA - September 11 2015 A recent Sixth Circuit decision that affirmed certification of a multi-state consumer class action asserting false advertising claims concerning…

Alexander Kaplan, Lawrence I Weinstein

Makers’ Mark two: bourbon distiller slips another “handmade” false advertising suit

USA - September 1 2015 In another blow to consumers that demand absolute rustic authenticity from their top-shelf bourbon purchases, a court in the Southern District of…

Lawrence I Weinstein

Procter & Gamble must say goodbye to proposed amended claim against Hello, while Hello says goodbye to lawsuit

USA - June 16 2015 A lawsuit between Procter & Gamble ("P&G") and Hello Products ("Hello") - a toothpaste start up that promotes its products as "naturally friendly" -…

Celia V Cohen, Lawrence I Weinstein

Maker’s marketing: bourbon distiller racks up “handmade” false advertising victory

USA - May 20 2015 In a decision that will interest distillers and hipster connoisseurs of artisanal beverages alike, a district court in the Northern District of…

Lawrence I Weinstein

It’s a complete red Haring: court dismisses wide ranging art-authentication lawsuit against Keith Haring Foundation

USA - March 18 2015 Art is no stranger to great controversy, although the arbiters of art world disputes are usually critics and artists rather than federal judges…

Lawrence I Weinstein