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Wasted away in Margaritaville: with unascertainable class, district court denies class certification in Skinnygirl Margarita case

USA - December 10 2014 Alleging violations of Illinois statutory and common law, Amy Langendorf brought suit on behalf of "Any and all persons who purchased 'Skinnygirl'…

Jeffrey H Warshafsky

End of battery class actions almost in sight

USA - May 14 2014 On April 22, 2014, the Plaintiff in Poertner v. Gillette Co. moved for final approval of settlement and for attorneys' fees and costs. The settlement…

Alexander Kaplan

NARB Panel lashes back against NAD finding of literal falsity in mascara advertisement

USA - March 20 2014 In a recent decision, the NARB found that an advertisement for L'Oreal mascara featuring a photograph of a model wearing lash inserts would not be…

Victoria L Loughery