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Another Gargantuan California Verdict… This Time for $18.6 Million

USA - July 19 2018 A San Diego jury awarded that amount to a former employee who claimed he was wrongfully terminated based on his arrest record and then defamed…

Anthony J Oncidi

New California Statute Shields Victims/Employers from Defamation Claims

USA - July 11 2018 California Governor Jerry Brown has signed Assembly Bill 2770 (Assembly Member Irwin; D-Thousand Oaks), an act to amend Section 47 of the Civil Code…

Anthony J Oncidi

Multiple minimum wage increases and salary-related ordinances scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2018

USA - June 22 2018 In the immortal words of Mao Zedong: “Let a hundred flowers blossom!” Multiple cities and hamlets throughout California have enacted slightly…

Tony Oncidi

San Francisco Ordinance Requires Cannabis Business Permit Applicants to Enter into “Labor Peace Agreements”

USA - June 19 2018 Earlier this month, San Francisco’s Public Safety & Neighborhood Services Committee unanimously approved an ordinance that requires certain cannabis…

Anthony J Oncidi

E.D. Virginia Allows FCA Whistleblower Retaliation Claim To Proceed

USA - November 10 2017 Plaintiff worked with the Senior Advisor for Veteran Employment for the Department of Veteran Affairs (“Senior Advisor”) to develop an online…

Steven J. Pearlman