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Insider trading, MNPI and related internal controls: A renewed focus by SEC

USA - March 24 2022 Over the past few years, the SEC has brought fewer insider trading and Material Non-Public Information (MNPI)-related cases compared to historical…

William C Komaroff, Steven Baker, Margaret A Dale, Kirsten Lapham, Timothy W Mungovan

Moving SWIFTly: What you need to know now about the rapidly evolving sanctions against Russia

European Union, Global, Russia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, USA - February 28 2022 In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, President Biden announced sanctions against Russia. Following an Executive Order issued on February 21…

Steven Baker, Julia Bihary, Amy Gordon, Alexis L. Namdar, Seetha Ramachandran, Hena M. Vora

Navigating Brexit: What Funds Should Look Out for as the Dust Begins to Settle

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - May 24 2021 As a result of Brexit, UK-regulated firms will already have grappled with loss of passporting and equivalence measures, and the need to navigate…

William C Komaroff, Margaret A Dale, Michael R Hackett, Kirsten Lapham, Timothy W Mungovan

Private Credit Lenders Should Remain Vigilant in 2021

USA - May 20 2021 Private credit lenders began 2020 facing the dual challenges of an increased risk of defaults and a lack of strong financial covenants, and the…

William C Komaroff, James Anderson, Margaret A Dale, William D Dalsen, Adam L. Deming, Anthony M Drenzek, Michael R Hackett, David Heck, Kirsten Lapham, Timothy W Mungovan, Joshua M Newville, Todd J. Ohlms, Seetha Ramachandran, Ana Vermal, Hena M. Vora, Samuel J. Waldon, Jonathan M. Weiss, Lucy Wolf

Return to Civil and Criminal Collaboration in White Collar under Biden Administration

USA - May 11 2021 Under the Biden Administration, we expect the Department of Justice to reinvigorate the policies aimed at increasing coordination between the…

William C Komaroff, Margaret A Dale, Michael R Hackett, Kirsten Lapham, Timothy W Mungovan