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Supreme Court vacates Linkedin-HiQ scraping decision, remands to Ninth Circuit for another look

USA - June 16 2021 On June 14, 2021, in a closely-watched dispute involving the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA), the Supreme Court granted LinkedIn Corp.’s…

Jeffrey Neuburger

In a Divided Opinion, California Supreme Court Squashes End Run around CDA Immunity That Sought to Compel a Non-Party Online Platform to Remove Defamatory Content

USA - July 31 2018 In a closely-followed dispute, the California Supreme Court vacated a lower court order, based upon a default judgment in a defamation action, which…

Jeffrey Neuburger

Illinois Biometric Privacy Suit over Employee Fingerprinting Remanded for Lack of Standing

USA - July 18 2018 An Illinois district court remanded to state court for lack of standing a biometric privacy suit brought by employees over the collection and storage…

Jeffrey Neuburger

A Busy Month in the Facebook Photo Tagging Biometric Privacy Dispute

USA - May 31 2018 As discussed in past posts about the long-running Facebook biometric privacy class action, users are challenging Facebook’s “Tag Suggestions” program…

Jeffrey Neuburger

Researchers May Challenge the Constitutionality of the CFAA “Access” Provision as Applied to Web Scraping

USA - April 27 2018 The Ninth Circuit is currently considering the appeal of the landmark hiQ decision, where a lower court had granted an injunction that limited the…

Jeffrey Neuburger