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Employers beware: California jury verdicts continue to skyrocket!

USA - October 22 2021 Very few companies doing business in California missed the news recently that a San Francisco jury ordered Tesla, the electric car manufacturer, to…

Tony Oncidi

Governor Newsom signs a slew of new employment laws for 2022

USA - October 18 2021 As the 2021 legislative season came to a close, Governor Gavin Newsom signed numerous bills into law. From arbitration to workplace safety, these…

Kate Gold, Sehreen Ladak, Philippe A. Lebel, Nayirie K. Mehdikhani, Tony Oncidi

New California law imposes strict quota on warehouse distribution centers (This means you, Amazon!)

USA - September 24 2021 A new California law, effective January 1, 2022, closely regulates productivity quotas for warehouse distribution centers. AB 701 applies to…

Tony Oncidi

OFCCP moves one step closer to AAP verification

USA - September 23 2021 In a step toward implementation of OFCCP’s Affirmative Action Program (“AAP”) Verification Initiative, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)…

Guy Brenner

California jury awards employees $7.6 million in latest gargantuan wrongful termination verdict

USA - September 8 2021 A Los Angeles jury has ordered an apartment building owner and property management company to pay $7.6 million to two former live-in apartment…

Tony Oncidi