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Answers to Common Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine Risks

USA - December 18 2020 The Food and Drug Administration approved the first COVID-19 vaccine Dec. 11 from Pfizer and BioNTech. Approval for Moderna’s vaccine is likely soon…

Reed L. Russell, Robert R. Hearn.

Protecting Your Company Against COVID-19 Vaccine Suits

USA - December 18 2020 Are you requiring your staff to get the COVID-19 vaccine? Before you start a workforce vaccination plan, make sure you’re covered by the Public…

Reed L. Russell, Robert R. Hearn.

New Law Shields NC Farmers From COVID-19 Lawsuits

USA - May 7 2020 Trial lawyers nationwide have already started filing COVID-19 related lawsuits targeting nearly every industry, including agriculture. Fortunately…

Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19 and the H-2A Program

USA - April 1 2020 The novel coronavirus/COVID-19 has disrupted many U.S. farmers’ normal operations. The recent U.S./Mexico border closure significantly restricts…

Brandon Davis, Stephanie M. Poucher.

The General Data Protection (GDPR) Impact on Specimen Management in Clinical Trial Labs in the United States

USA - January 23 2019 What happens when the GDPR’s data minimization rules run headlong into U.S. law mandating protracted data storage? This issue is more than a…

Jason A. Pill, Robert R. Hearn.