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StreamScale Lawsuit and NDAs

USA - July 14 2021 A recent case implicates interesting best practices for entering into NDAs with patent assertion entities, particularly for claims accusing open…

Patrick Nack-Lehman.

Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): When Collecting Meets Crypto, Legal Challenges Abound

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - March 25 2021 Non-Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, are big news these days. After an NFT for a piece of digital art by the artist Beeple (Mike Winkelmann) sold for $69…

Braddock Stevenson, Eric Sibbitt, Laurel L. Rimon.

Venture-Backed M&A: Hot Topics and Recent Developments in 2018

USA - November 5 2018 Mergers and acquisitions of venture-backed companies have continued at an extraordinary pace in 2018, with 637 deals reported through the first nine…

AJ Talt, David J. Ribner, David Makarechian, Eric Amdursky, Greta Lichtenbaum, Scott W. Pink, Theodore W. Kassinger.

Israel’s Information and Communications Technology Authority Bows to Pressure to Comply with Affero GPL

Israel - January 17 2018 Under pressure from open source advocates, the Israeli Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Authority recently shared its first open…

Andrew Dolak.

California Implements Stricter Auto-Renewal Law for 2018

USA - December 26 2017 On July 1, 2018, e-commerce vendors doing business in California will have to allow online cancellation of auto-renewing memberships or recurring…

Katie Tague, Scott W. Pink.