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FWC decision reminds employees to update their contact details

Australia - March 22 2022 In the digital era, it is not uncommon to have multiple email addresses or mobile numbers floating around on the web. However, the problems…

Milly Khan, Emily Trompf

FWC finds an employer’s decision to dismiss an employee for excessive phone usage a good call

Australia - March 15 2022 Regulating mobile phone usage in the workplace can be difficult for employers, especially if employees use their mobile phones excessively for…

Rose Dimitrious, Milly Khan, Emily Trompf

Out of hours conduct a sufficient reason for employee dismissal, FWC rules

Australia - February 16 2022 In a recent decision of the Fair Work Commission (FWC), Deputy President Melanie Binet (DP Binet) upheld the dismissal of a Westpac Banking…

Allanah Mills

New Queensland laws protecting children from child sexual offences could be relevant to your business

Australia - August 4 2021 Queensland has recently passed new laws aimed at better protecting children from child sexual offences. These laws impose positive obligations on…

Damien Payard

Understanding the public service disciplinary framework

Australia - December 1 2020 Public service employers (PSEs) must follow strict performance management and discipline procedures or they risk breaching new Queensland public…

Damien Payard, Joseph Sherman