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NSW Government Bulletin

Australia - November 24 2021 It is reasonably well established now that Australia, and NSW, are sophisticated ‘pro-arbitration’…

Hub Street appeal - what does it mean for arbitration in Australia?

Australia - September 13 2021 We previously covered the decision of the Federal Court in Energy City Qatar Holding Company v Hub Street Equipment…

Snapshot: carriage of goods by sea in Australia

Australia - June 30 2021 A look at some of the key legal and practical issues surrounding the carriage of goods by sea in Australia, including bills of lading, shipowner liability and much more.

Nathan Cecil, Joshua Clarke

Q&A: ship arrest in Australia

Australia - June 30 2021 This article answers some of the key questions surrounding the arrest of ships in Australia, including relevant international law and procedural issues.

Nathan Cecil, Joshua Clarke

Invoking force majeure under your transport contract: Are you protected when things go off the rails?

Australia - May 11 2021 If task allocation (e.g. “I will provide you with goods/services; you will pay me for those goods/services”) is the primary function of a commercial…

Joshua Clarke