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Anticipating first-to-file: What to do to prepare for the United States patent system’s change to first-to-file

USA - January 23 2013 First, if you filed a U.S. provisional patent application or foreign priority patent application on or after March 16, 2012, and you intend to add…

Brexit: European patent applications, unitary patents and the Unified Patent Court system

European Union, United Kingdom - July 7 2016 The process of Brexit will take many years, and the implications for our clients’ business will unfold over time. Our MoFo Brexit Task Force is…

America Invents Act: USPTO publishes final examination guidelines for the First-Inventor-to-File Provisions

USA - February 19 2013 On July 26, 2012, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) published proposed Examination Guidelines for Implementing the…

Randy Omid

The written description requirement: it’s still here

USA - March 23 2010 Sitting en banc, the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued a major decision on patent law yesterday, affirming that there is a "written description" requirement, independent of the enablement requirement, for obtaining a patent."

Matthew I. Kreeger

Toward a Vaccine for COVID-19: The Science and Legal Considerations

USA - November 3 2020 In this third of a four-part podcast series, we discuss the science, regulatory framework, and commercial transactions considerations of a COVID-19…

Bethany J. Hills, Rufus Pichler, Michael R. Ward