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COVID-19 Vaccines in the Workplace

USA - January 7 2021 Researchers around the world are working at record speed to find the best ways to treat and prevent COVID-19. In this fifth Episode of our podcast…

Janie F. Schulman

Bowman v. Monsanto: crisis averted on IP protection for self-replicating technologies

USA - May 14 2013 Life science companies in general (and seed companies in particular) are breathing a sigh of relief following the Supreme Court's decision yesterday…

Matthew A. Chivvis, Matthew I. Kreeger

USDA’s PVP System Embraces Transgenic and Gene Edited Plants

USA - December 5 2022 Plant Variety Protection (PVP) is a form of intellectual property protection administered through the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA)…

Abby C. Burrus, Christopher D Lew, Liz Freeman Rosenzweig

USDA and USPTO Promoting Fair Competition and Innovation in the Seed Marketplace

USA - March 10 2023 On March 6, 2023, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) released its report on “More and Better Choices for Farmers: Promoting Fair Competition…

Claire L. Bendix

Podcast: Unpacking the Science and Legal Considerations of COVID-19 Testing

USA - October 13 2020 In this first of a four-part podcast series on the science, regulatory framework, commercial transactions, and privacy and data security…

Bethany J. Hills, James J. Mullen, III, Matthew Karlyn, Kristen J. Mathews