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Stick, Carrot, and Privilege: Parliament Passes Major Amendments to Japanese Anti-Monopoly Act

Japan - July 17 2019 The Upper House (sangi-in) on June 19, 2019, finally passed the bill to make major amendments to the Anti-Monopoly Act (the “AMA”)-the Japanese…

Heavier, Variable Fines and Privileges: Japan Will Enhance Fines Under Anti Monopoly Act

Japan - April 1 2019 On March 12, 2019, the Japanese Government submitted to the Parliament a bill to propose major amendments to the Anti Monopoly Act (the “AMA”), the…

Changes to Japan’s pre-merger notification system become effective

Japan - January 12 2010 On January 1, 2010, amendments to the Japanese Anti-Monopoly Act (the "AMA") that substantially revise Japan's pre-merger notification system came into effect.

W. Stephen Smith, Tej Srimushnam