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Confidentiality at Risk: California Legislature Considers Bill That Would Limit Scope of Confidentiality in Product Liability and Environmental Cases and Settlements

USA - May 10 2022 California lawmakers are considering a bill that would limit confidentiality in cases involving allegations of defective products or environmental…

Erin M. Bosman, Erin Lupfer, Luis Ramos

Pleading and preemption: Immunization against vaccine products liability claims

USA - April 15 2022 In a recent win for vaccine manufacturers, a district court found that federal law preempted claims against Merck, arising out of alleged injuries…

Alexandra Preece Barlow, Luis Ramos

Till the cows come home: Tenth Circuit’s affirmation of federal preemption is a win for defendants in food labeling cases

USA - April 14 2022 The Tenth Circuit recently held that the Federal Meat Inspection Act (FMIA) gets the final word on what “Product of the U.S.A.” means for labels of…

Lydia Davenport

Consumer Product Safety Enforcement To Heat Up Under Biden Administration

USA - March 3 2021 More aggressive enforcement actions and increased regulatory activities under the Biden Administration are here. In President Biden’s first weeks, he…

Erin M. Bosman, Benjamin Kagel

Ex-Tyson Employees’ COVID-19 Suit to Be Litigated in Federal Court

USA - February 24 2021 Court Rules the Federal Officer Removal Statute May Provide “Critical Infrastructure” Companies Additional Pathway to Litigate COVID-19 Claims in…

Erin M. Bosman, Matt Robinson