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“No Deal” Brexit Doesn’t Deal Out UK Trademark Protection

European Union, United Kingdom - January 16 2019 The European Union Trademark (EUTM) is possibly the most widely used vehicle worldwide to protect trademark rights. As the possibility of a so-called…

Amanda D. Phillips

Here’s the Recipe: How to Ensure Your Food and Beverage Company Will Be Ready for a Value-Maximizing Sale

USA - April 17 2018 You’ve created a great product and built a valued brand. You’ve devoted countless hours to building relationships with key distributors and retailers…

Domnick Bozzetti, Spencer D. Klein, Anthony M. Ramirez, William L. Stern, Joseph Sulzbach

MoFo IP Newsletter October 2017

Global, USA - October 24 2017 Inter partes review has become an enormously popular method of challenging patents. One important downside of filing for IPR, however, is that, if the…

Paul Goldstein, Michael Guo, Matthew I. Kreeger, Sabrina Larson, Amanda D. Phillips, Aaron D. Rauh, Dina Roumiantseva, Mark Whitaker

Case Targets Deceptive Trademark Solicitations

Global, USA - July 21 2017 Applicants and registrants of trademarks are inundated with offers to perform potentially unnecessary services. These solicitations often come in the…

Sabrina Larson, Amanda D. Phillips

MOFO IP Newsletter July 2017

Germany, USA - July 20 2017 In the recent TC Heartland LLC v. Kraft Foods Group Brands LLC decision, the Supreme Court reversed nearly thirty years of patent venue law and held…

Joshua A. Hartman, Paul Goldstein, Hector G. Gallegos, Paul E. Jahn, Holger Andreas Kastler, Sabrina Larson, Joyce Liou, Lincoln C. Lo, Wolfgang Schönig, William I. Schwartz